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Location: North Africa


This program offers qualified volunteers the opportunity to take an active role in helping ACT collect and distribute food & clothing to refugees in North Africa

This is our most recent intiative in order focused on collecting food and clothing for individuals and families starting out in their new lives Integer aliquam eros vitae eleifend ornare. Maecenas vitae cursus diam. Praesent sed urna non libero tincidunt porttitor a nec arcu. Nunc nisi neque, tempus vitae sodales vitae, vehicula sed ante. Suspendisse euismod leo vel tortor commodo.

Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Conduct site visits in order to assess project function, verify reporting information and take photos
  • Provide timely updates and feedback to the team through regular field reports
  • Coordinate all logistics leading up to and during deployment

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